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Money Map Press often receives Short-Side Fortunes reviews from many of Shah Gilani’s satisfied subscribers. Shah Gilani’s Short-Side Fortunes is a weekly newsletter and trading service lets you work “the other side of the trade,” where the money you can make is off-the-charts crazy.

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For years, Wall Street insiders have made sure these trades remained “off limits” to individual investors, keeping the profits for themselves. For those willing to break the old “buy and hold” rule, Short-Side Fortunes opens up a whole new world of investing that will allow you to make huge money when asset classes flip direction-no matter which way they turn.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews for Shah Short-Side Fortunes

Potential subscribers can learn a lot from customer reviews for Short-Side Fortunes submitted by Shah’s loyal readers.

Here are some of the top Short-Side Fortunes Reviews:

“I just closed out on April 30 for a profit of just over $5000.”

– Gary M.

“On a $20k portfolio, $4k profits since Feb; very happy with the recommendations and analysis.”

– Rick M.

“I have booked triple digit gains on different trades including 612 and 621 per cent!”

– Marcus T.

Past or current subscribers are encouraged to submit their own Short-Side Fortunes Testimonial or Shah Gilani Testimonial.

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